Lee Clifford Commercial Dive Technician

About Me

I spent the first half of my life working within IT as a Solutions Architect, however in 2022 I started down a career change into Commercial Diving. I had a love for being underwater as a recreational dive instructor for PADI and BSAC, but wanted to go pro. I am hard working, enthusiastic and have excellent problem solving skills. I can help in a number of different roles on a dive site and my main drive is to be useful and an active, valued member of the team.
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Commercial Diving Qualifications

  • HSE Professional SCUBA - SC/562172/22
  • HSE Surface Supplied Diver - SS/562172/22
  • HSE Offshore Top Up - TU/562172/22
  • CDT Recompression Chamber Operator
  • CDT Hydraulic Tools Certificate of Competence
  • CDT Pneumatic Tools Certificate
  • CDT Basic Surface and Underwater Burning and Cutting Certificate
  • CDT Basic Surface and Underwater Rigging Certificate

Medical & Safety Certificates

  • HSE medical certificate - valid until 11th Jul 2023
  • ENG1 medical certificate - valid until 6th Oct 2024
  • First Aid at Work - valid until 13th May 2024
  • Emergency O2 provider
  • RYA Sea Survival

Vehicle Qualifications

  • Commercially Endorsed PB L2
  • RYA Intermediate Powerboat
  • B+E (Car with Trailer)
  • C+E (Lorry with Trailer)
  • D+E (Bus with Trailer)

Dive Technician Qualifications

  • Kirby Morgan Helmet Maintenance
  • ScubaPro Level II Service Technician
  • AquaLung Service Technician
  • Apeks Service Technician

Instructor Qualifications

  • First Aid at Work Instructor
  • Emergency First Aid Instructor
  • PADI Assistant Instructor
  • BSAC Assistant Instructor

Additional Qualifications & Certificates

  • C&G L2: High Risk Confined Space Entrant (exp Dec 2024)
  • C&G L3: In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT)
  • CSCS Blue Skilled (Dec 2027)
  • Marine and Coastguard Agency: Approved Engine Course Level 1 & 2

Planned Training

  • Kirby Morgan Dive Technician (May '23)
  • IMCA Dive Technician Course (June '23)
  • IDEST Technician Inspection Course Pt2 (June '23)
  • IDEST Composite Cylinder Course (June '23)
  • IDEST Oxygen Cleaning Course (June '23)
  • C&G Welding and Fabrication (Ongoing)